Ghosts That We Knew || Hollan


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Ghosts That We Knew || Hollan



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Love Never Fails

By: Brandon Heath

Love is not proud / Love does not boast / Love after all / Matters the most

Love does not run / Love does not hide / Love does not keep / Locked inside

Love is the river that flows through / Love never fails you

Love will sustain / Love will provide / Love will not cease / At the end of time

Love will protect / Love always hopes / Love still believes / When you don’t

Love is the arms that are holding you / Love never fails you

When my heart won’t make a sound / When I can’t turn back around / When the sky is falling down / Nothing is greater than this / Greater than this

Love is right here / Love is alive / Love is the way / The truth the life

Love is the river than flows through / Love is the arms that are holding you / Love is the place you will fly to / Love never fails you

Ghosts That We Knew || Hollan


The shivers at his touch had turned into full blown trembling that wracked her frame relentlessly. There were no more walls between them now, no secrets or misunderstandings. There was nothing left to regret. As his burning touch reached her back she buried her face in the crook of his neck while his lips moved across her shoulder, her own pressing into the hollow at the base of his throat.

There had never been a man that looked at her the way Ethan did, there’d never been a man that had even remotely burrowed their way into her heart the way he had. So, sure, perhaps she was inexperienced in the ways of love and romance, but she was all too aware that what they had was the sort of thing that inspired novels. 

How silly she’d been to doubt that this could be real.

A breathless sigh escaped her as his hands found their way to her breasts and she was momentarily overcome with the sensation, her nails digging into the fabric at the small of his back. As if suddenly realizing that he was far too clothed for her liking, she pulled back slightly, kissing him as her hands made greedily fast work of his shirt. There was a popping sound as a few of the buttons didn’t make it, but neither of them seemed to notice as she helped him struggle out of his shirt, neither of them breaking the kiss. 

Her hands trailed across the hard muscle that covered his chest and across his abdomen. It was unfair, she thought in her frenzied mind, that such a fine creature was forced to wear so many clothes for so many hours a day. 

With a renewed sense of confidence, her fingers dipped into the waistband of his trousers and she pulled back slightly, biting her lip as her hand wrapped lightly around him, stroking him slowly. 

Hollie’s responses to his touches were encouraging. As she first kissed at his throat, a shiver ran up his spine, and his pants became even more constricting. Her soft little lips were driving him mad.

Around the time he removed the clothing from the upper half of her body, Hollie did the same for him. He wasn’t really aware of it leaving his body except when his hands had to leave her skin for his arms to escape the material. The sensation of her chest to his was almost enough for Ethan to lose it. She was so warm and soft and tender, pressed to him in a symbiotic need for physical contact. 

Suddenly Ethan noticed that her hands were far lower than they had been. Before he could warn her of the edge of his limits, her petite fingers were wrapped around his penis. He inhaled sharply, willing himself not to lose his control. After a moment of being nearly frozen, he made a groaning, almost growling sound in his throat. 

Now everything was too tight. He needed there to be nothing between him and his Hollie. Reaching around her arm so she wouldn’t stop doing whatever she was doing that was making his breath quicken, Ethan unbutton and unfastened his pants. Pushing down enough on his wastebands, all of his lower half material fell to the floor around his feet. Thinking back, he was glad he had already removed his socks and shoes in the foyer earlier. Taking a step closer to Hollie, he was naked before her and ready for her to be the same.

Arms around her small frame, Ethan unbuttoned the few buttons at the side of her dress. Then he pulled the rest of the material over her head, breaking their kiss for the first time in a while. Looking at her, taking her all in, his eyes grew greedy with a desire much stronger than lust. Lifting her just a tad, Ethan pulled her pretty little undergarments off and set her right back on the counter. 

He chuckled huskily. “We are so going to have to clean this kitchen before breakfast…” Skin against skin, he stood there holding her close and trying to wait for her instructions, despite the very real strain to his every muscle at fighting his desires. This was her night to call the shots. 

Ghosts That We Knew || Hollan


Hollie let out a little squeal of surprise as he picked her up and she looked at him crossly though there was little real annoyance there. Living in the cozy confines of her house in Montford, she was rather used to Ethan moving around her, though he’d always been careful, making sure not to touch her. His familiarity now wasn’t nearly as unwelcome as it might have been a year ago. In fact, after everything that had been said and done, she craved his touch.

Eyeing him warily, she meant to respond but lost her train of thought as his lips pressed against hers. All other thought was impossible as her hands grasped his shirt, her senses overrun by Ethan. She shimmied forward slightly, her legs clutching him as she felt his hands travel along her back. She arched away from the touch slightly, her front pressing more tightly against him as his she groaned, a small, torn sound against lips. Anticipating his actions, she slipped her arms up and locked them around his neck, her fingers tangling into her hair. No, she could deal with the touch to her back, for him she would.

"No, it’s okay." She breathed against his lips as she felt him try and move his hands away from her back. Keeping one arm around his neck, she grabbed one of his hands, guiding it to her back once more and pressing it firmly down. A shudder rolled through her and her breath hitched as she ignored her body’s protest. No, not her body. Her body was healed. It was her mind that cringed away from the feeling. 

"It’s okay," She whispered again. "Just touch me. Ethan, touch me.

His delicate honeysuckle blossom arched away from his touch at first. He immediately wanted to accommodate her condition and prepared to move his hands elsewhere. Being used to adapting to her changing needs, Ethan would be fine with this limited touching, he would fine other areas to explore on her petite, curvy body. 

No. The word stilled him in terrifying agony. Was she really stopping him from proving his feelings for her? Was this some further torture? Her next words threw him through a loop. She wanted him to touch her. She was overcoming her fears. His precious Hollie wanted his hands on her porcelain skin. The voice with which she commanded her man made his knees go a little weak, like sugarcane, all raw and sweet at the same time. 

Ethan needed no further encouragement. As he originally promised, he would make her forget why she didn’t want him to touch her in the beginning. She would crave his touch as he craved to touch her. 

Planting lingering kisses along her neck, Ethan placed his hands on her nearly bare shoulders. With his thumbs, he pushed down the straps to her sundress, along her arms, revealing a lacy little number, and continued until her hands were free. He loved the feel of her fingers in his hair, how she tugged on it demanding-ly, and how she melted against him like ice cream dripping from his face and down his chest. 

Starting at her sides, Ethan’s hands moved like honey, slow and gentle, but firm against her skin, His hands crawled across her back slowly and purposefully but with a tender care. She was his Hollie. All of this sweet peachy flesh before him was his to taste and caress. His mouth moved down over her shoulder, nipping at her exposed collarbone. With her dress pooled around her waist, Ethan was fighting every urge to end this quickly. His body ached to be joined with hers, but this night was about her, and he would no rush things unless she wanted that. 

Right now, she wanted him to touch her. His touch slid over her scars, but Ethan used the opportunity to brush her chest against his, hopefully putting her thoughts elsewhere. His kisses trailed to the top of the flesh exposed over her lovely bra. He laved at the skin there before unsnapping the contraption, pulling the material off her body, and covering both lovely breasts with his shaky hands. A groan echoed deep in his throat.

Her body made him forget that he had loose ends in Montford and that they had no plans for their future together yet. All he cared about was their present together. His mouth was back on hers in a fierce wave of passion. He was ill with desire, and she was his only curing drug.